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Updated: Apr 12

Perhaps you know me from my eponymous leather bag brand or you're here for my new journey. Either way, welcome.

My bag brand has since closed (I'm sure you noticed from my new site) and I'm embarking on a new chapter. After renovating an upstate, NY vacation home, I was bitten by the interior design bug. Since then my husband and I, two girls (three if you count our dog), left our beloved Brooklyn for some fresh air, more space and a much bigger home in the Hudson Valley. It's only been a few months but just look at the the photo of my oldest daughter already embracing chickens on a farm ;-). No, we don't live on a farm. But we do live in a new home that I refer to as the big white box. That pretty much describes it perfectly since it's a giant blank canvas to sink my newly found interior design teeth into.

I'm not sure yet how this site will transform but please follow along at @bkshanaluther and/or @shanaluther. I hang out there often. You'll see home/family updates and hopefully I can inspire you to do something fun and unique to your home.

Oh and I would be remiss if I didn't give a plug to our vacation home that we've now started renting out on airbnb- @thegreenepines. If you're in need of a relaxing upstate, NY weekend away, book our house via the link in the bio- or just go here.

Thanks for following along and if you ever wanna saw hi, just drop me a line at


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