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Updated: Apr 12

It was late 2021 when my husband and I closed on our Catskills Mountain house. We've always wanted a place in the Catskills and we were finally able to do so (while everyone else from NYC was trying to do the same thing!). After a few rounds of house hunting and an arduous in-contract period, we finally got the keys to our first purchased home.

After securing our contractor, work began quickly since we were sure what we wanted to do for phase one of our house reno. While work was being done, I was back in our tiny Brooklyn apartment, deep in design mode. Working off of my design boards, I began sourcing and procuring furniture but one thing that proved to be very daunting was how to arrange furniture deliveries upstate when we were primarily in Brooklyn... Luckily, we were able to coordinate most for weekends but not without finding some deliveries sitting in piles of snow in our driveway. The stress was real, made worse by the limited options for local storage and delivery acceptance.

Looking back on our experience, I realized how many others must face the same challenges when furnishing a second home remotely. I'm here to offer a solution to those navigating the same journey we embarked on three years ago.

I will help simplify the process. Whether you're furnishing one room or an entire house, I offer a comprehensive service tailored to your needs. From design consultation to sourcing and delivery coordination, I take the stress out of furnishing your second home while you focus on your daily routine, wherever that may be.

Here's how it works:

•Discovery Call: Reach out via email to schedule a chat. We'll discuss your vision for your home and how I can help bring it to life. I work within the Hudson Valley and the Catskills.

•Design and Procurement: I'll work within your budget to curate a warm, inviting space that reflects your style and needs.

•Delivery Coordination: No more worrying about furniture stranded in the snow! I'll manage the logistics to ensure everything arrives safely and on time.

•Costs fluctuate depending on the scope of each project.

Let's make your second home in the Catskills a place you can't wait to drive 3 hours to every weekend. Drop me a line!

Be sure to follow me at @shanaluther and if you're a Pinterest fan, I'm always checking in there too!

Talk soon and drop me a line to chat or say hi!


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