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Require something different than what's stated below? Feel free to get in touch to explore various interior-related options, and I might be able to tailor a service specifically for your needs!


Furnishing Vacation/AirBnb Homes

Finding it challenging to furnish a second home entirely? I understand—I've been in your shoes! Having successfully curated spaces for my own family, I can do the same for you. Combining a perfect mix of modern and vintage to infuse warmth and character, I'll ensure your home is far from cookie cutter. Whether you're transforming your second home into an AirB&B or just want a personal retreat, I'll take care of everything—from sourcing furniture, art, and materials to managing shipping and delivery. Whether it's a single room or the entire house, consider it handled. Let's chat!

Designer for a DAY

Need help with a room but want to avoid major renovations? Seeking advice on choosing new furniture and paint to rejuvenate a space? Perhaps you already have samples but need help with final decisions? Following our initial consultation, I'll create 2D room boards and provide you with a comprehensive shopping list, allowing you to take charge from there. Pricing is based on a per-room and/or per-day basis, in addition to the cost of materials.


Full Service Design

I'll handle the design process, which includes selecting and managing contractors, sourcing and procuring furniture and materials, space planning, and creating 3D renders. I'll bring your vision to life, making sure everything comes together smoothly for a home that's not just well-put-together but also incredibly stunning. 

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