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Updated: Apr 12

Let’s talk about one of the bathrooms in our Catskills mountain house that I designed. When we first walked the house on ‘21, we were told that the one bathroom in the house was “tastefully updated”. I use air quotes because you never know what people consider tasteful. Suffice to say, tasteful it was not. Yes, installation was new, but they installed floor to ceiling large format tiles from the 80’s. Everything was screaming, “why did you install me” and I knew if we bought this house, the bathroom was one of the first things to get updated. 

Two things that didn’t bother me were the new marble top vanity (not what I would have picked but it made more sense to keep it) and the floor tile. Surprisingly, the floor tile did not bother me with the dark greens, blues and grey textured surface. Everything else had to go so our contractor ripped out the floor to ceiling tile surround, extremely skinny bathtub, shower doors and an old closet that made no sense in there. In it’s place, we installed a new soaker tub/shower combo, fresh stacked tile surround from @bedrosian, black wainscoting, new mirrors, new hardware, new lighting and a fresh coat of Benjamine Moore Simply White to bring new life into the once very odd bathroom. 

My contractor followed my request to make miter cuts on the shower tiles for a trimless look in the shower niche. This creates a seamless appearance, eliminating the need for standard metal trim that covers 90-degree angles where tile corners meet. And I love how this turned out. 

What we have now makes much more sense with the overall house vibe and my kids love taking a bath in the giant tub. Now that this has been complete for almost two years, I wish I would have not used black on the wainscotting since it shows every ounce of dust…. But that’s the magic of paint! 

From concept to installing below- I love documenting the process of design.

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