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Updated: Apr 12

A few of you may see my career switch from handbag to interior design as a surprise. But I've always had a very strong interest in good interiors and as I've said before, good design is good design.

Any good designer acknowledges and appreciates well-executed design in all its forms.

I'm not sure how old I was but suffice to say I was a teenager- maybe 16? My older brother had started school in Cleveland and my parents and I were visiting him for the weekend. As kids, we were fortunate enough to each have our own bedrooms but I was starting to tire of my painted white whicker furniture that was all the rage in the 80's (if you know, you know!). My parents and I went to a large antique dealer in Cleveland and it was there that I fell in love with an Art Deco bedroom set. It was dark wood (cherry?Mahogany?) with a tallboy dresser, simple bed frame and amazing art deco vanity with a tall mirror- I LOVED it. To go with the amazing new items, I painted my room burgundy and my mom and I made roman shades. I remember them perfectly- ivory cotton with dark red strips where the dowel rods were inserted. Gone were the days of kiddish whicker furniture and with it, my interest in interiors began.

Believe it or not, I carried most of this Art Deco set with me to Brooklyn when I got one of my first apartments. It wasn't until I got pregnant with my first kiddo (2015) that my husband and I sold the set and graduated to something else.

I had fun recreating my teenage bedroom and I even found the exact U2 poster that I cherished- guys, it was a giant, epic poster that took up almost one whole wall in my bedroom. Clearly I couldn't find the exact furniture but the vibe is rather spot on. What do you think? What was your teenage bedroom like?

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Talk soon and drop me a line to chat or say hi!


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