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I believe that our living spaces should not just be functional but also reflections of our unique personalities and lifestyles. Our interiors should be warm, relaxed, inviting and have plenty of visual interest with textures, color and art. 

"An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and we are the author."


Modern, warm & cozy, a 4 bed/2 bath home was renovated from a dated, 70's 3 bed/1 bath in upstate New York.



A 1,300 sq ft cafe/wine bar created from new construction

Our Clients

We have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients, each with their own unique vision and requirements. Our goal is to deliver exceptional designs that exceed our clients' expectations and create spaces that they love to live in.


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About Shana

Recent Hudson Valley transplant, Shana lives there with her husband, a fellow design entrepreneur and founder of Houses In Motion, an animation studio, their adorable cattle dog mix, and two young daughters.

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